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2016 TDOR Webcomic Project

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is on the 20th November, as always. It's way too late here to do a call-out for the Webcomic Project, but I will say that I've moved the archive from ComicDish to ComicFury.

(the new logo for the ComicFury version)

The ComicDish version is still there, until February when ComicDish disappears forever. But all of it has been copied over to ComicFury, and I'm glad I made this move. The archives can now be searched!

If you are still interested in doing something for the project (which is advertising TDOR by use of webcomic/art/prose/video, go to the Contributing page. Just remember, "...you don't have to be a transgender person to participate, just appreciating or understanding the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialized by the event is enough".

And if you spot a online comic / artwork / video / poetry or prose that's relevant to this, you can always post a link in a comment to this post.


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Nov. 29th, 2016 04:11 am (UTC)
I just now had the bandwidth to say this, but thank you so much for your post. I put together the TDoR communication for my work this year, and it felt a little like howling into the void, based on community activity (very little) and employee response (none).

Just wanted to say your efforts are seen, recognized, and valued.
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