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$650 This queer, butch, femme, collective house is worth the rent!
(Central Area)
This enormous Victorian house is worth the money. You should check us out before you pay less for less. If you want to love the place you live in, this is the home for you. We all enjoy life, welcome new folks and guests into our home, and value our shared life here, in this 107-year old house and classic, Seattle neighborhood. We know our neighbors, the neighbors visit, and we have annual yard-sales and block parties. The house is elegant, neatly kept by all of us, and just funky enough to be really comfortable. There are rooms here one does not find in modern houses. We have a parlor and a front room. Ample cooks kitchen, including an outdoor urban fire-pit. And a dining room. There are three bathrooms, a basement for some storage, and a laundry room. The ceilings are high, there are hardwood floors, a nice backyard with flowers, a picnic table and herb/veggie garden. We like entertaining here. It is the kind of living situation you could bring your boss to and have a professional meeting, or you could bring your friends here for a fun party. We've got it all! If you are a queer female, please call us and check out this great situation. Please, no cigarettes, no canines or other felines.
Here's who we are: Four omnivores, plus three rescue kitties. Our occupations are: semi retired national parks bear-relocator, construction safety manager, private chef/costumer, and beer-geek/tour guide/nutritionist (Yes...that last entry is all one person.). Your room 9 ½ X 14. It has a window, wireless, DirectTV, landline, and a large closet. The rent is very worth the lifestyle you get when you live here!! $650 plus utilities/expenses. The freshly painted room and your new amazing, elegant, fun life are available now. You may move in now or Jan. 1st.

Call 206-783-4409

TDOR Webcomic Project 2011

Just a reminder about this year's Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomic Project. And just what is that?

The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialise those who were killed (or forced to suicide) due to anti-Transgender hatred or prejudice., and is held annually on 20 November. The Webcomic Project is where participating contributors draw and publish a relevant webcomic or image for the day (or equivalent date, depending on schedule) with links to other contributors and/or the archive. The main thing is to educate the readership of each person's webcomic or blog about the issues listed above.

You don't have to be transgendered to join, just appreciating the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialised is enough. What you do need is a suitable image or comic that appears on a site (webcomic, blog, Live Journal et cetera) read by others. If you do a webcomic yourself it could be included in that, or in a related blog if such would be out of context for the webcomic.

If you do participate, be sure to send a copy of your contribution to the Archive where they will be uploaded later for posterity (details of how to do this are at the site). This year's theme is "Open" - You may do whatever subject you like, related to the day.

Penultimate Version of "Cutting Edge"

This is pretty much the final version of my entry "Cutting Edge" for the exhibition CLASSIFY ME.
You need to follow the link to Flicker to see it in "full size":


Season 2 is here! After a long wait, you can now check out the 1st episode in FenceSitter Film's popular Bisexual Web TV Series Rose By Any Other Name . . . in what promises to be a crazy season!

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new work

1st pen draw
First one done with my new intros pro pen tablet.
1st pen draw

The TDOR Webcomics Project CALL OUT

The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is fast approaching on November the 20th.

Are you an artist and want to contribute to this year's event? You can by participating in this year's Web Comic Project.

Participating contributors draw and publish a relevant webcomic or image for the day on the web. The project is the collection of webcomics, blogs and sites at the time all with the unified theme of getting the message out there. You don't have to be transgendered yourself to make a contribution, you just have be able to draw, and care about the issues of the day. Your contribution can be stored at the Project Archives. For this years theme and details on how to contribute, see this page.

Come on people, time to educate people in the way we know we can!

more new work

October Sky
October Sky

new work

Shattered Dreams
Shattered Dreams