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queer_art's Journal

Queer Artists
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Adults only please!
There may potentially be sexually explicit material in this journal.
You've been warned.

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Welcome to QUEER ART

This community exists for all queer, trans, lesbian, gay, and bi artists to share our work in all media -- including visual, photo, written/spoken word, music, etc. Your work does not need to be "about" being queer. If you're queer and you made it, that's queer enough for us.

We encourage helpful critiques and feedback -- and, of course, verbal blowjobs.

We also encourage discussions on any topic that touches you as a queer artist.

Feel free to pimp your upcoming shows, openings, performances, book signings/readings, poetry slams, or your own web site and other artists' web sites that inspire you.

This community is about our own work and that is what we mostly expect to see posted. However, feel free to post an attributed work and your comment about it. For example, if a particular passage from Ovid or Neruda sparks you, it is OK to post that passage, clearly attributed to the original poet along with the English translator. For another example, if you have just discovered a painter who reminds you of who you need to be as an artist, it is OK to post a representative JPG or link to it, and tell us about why that works for you.

Do not plagiarize.

Plagiarism or even "sampling" that crosses the line will get you banned, possibly sued, and certainly condemned to an eternity in the special hell where you work a minimum wage job at a mall listening to Christmas music and being verbally abused by grumpy customers.

Respect copyrights.

Respect the copyrights of other artists. Do not reproduce or post anywhere else without their written permission.

Put long and large works behind a cut.

Please put large images and long text behind a cut. The code (minus the extra spaces before and after the angle brackets) is:

< lj-cut text="Put your text here." > < /lj-cut >

Flaming and other asshattery will be dealt with swiftly.

If you're a dickwad you get one or two polite off-line warnings, then you're out of here. We don't like dickwads.

Censorship is un-American!

coiled_metal also maintaines queer_photo_ers, queer_art, and art_and_artists.